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Ar capable tango phone, the lenovo phab 2 pro, now available,

Lenovo phab,

 Tango enabled devices,

Lenovo said its Tango sensors are capable of sub-inch accuracy, a degree of accuracy demonstrated with digital dominos mapped to real life surroundings.
Google established an incubator to accelerate the advancement of Tango applications, and has purportedly experimented with various means of “sharing” content among other Tango enabled smartphones and tablets.
Over the last few months, we have worked closely with app developers to create a wide variety of smartphone-based augmented reality apps, writes Justin Quimby, senior product manager for Tango. Our app incubator program supported a wide range of developers from Crayola Color Blaster to Ghostly Mansions to create new ways to do more, play more and explore more with your phone.

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