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Blood help us to make a next generation battery,

Blood will help us to make a battery,

Scientists have discovered that a molecule in blood acts as a catalyst and prevents formation of lithium peroxide.However, the lithium oxygen battery has yet to hit the market in a big way, because it’s still working out some issues. One of the challenges of electromagnetic chemists is to prevent the formation of lithium peroxide, a side product that forms as an undesired precipitate on the batteries’ electrodes.
The heme is a molecule that makes up one of the two parts of a hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood of animals. Used in an Li-O2 battery, Ryu explained, the molecule would dissolve into the battery's electrolytes and act as what's known as a redox mediator, which lowers the energy barrier required for the electrochemical reaction to take place.
"When you breathe in air, the heme molecule absorbs oxygen from the air to your lungs and when you exhale, it transports carbon dioxide back out," Taylor said. So it has a good binding with oxygen, and we saw this as a way to enhance these promising lithium air batteries.
The researchers added that their discovery could help reduce the amount of animal waste disposal.
"We're using a biomolecule that traditionally is just wasted, said Taylor. "In the animal products industry, they have to figure out some way to dispose of the blood. Here, we can take the heme molecules from these waste products and use it for renewable energy storage.
Taylor’s group demonstrated that the heme molecule improved the lithium oxygen battery’s function by lowering the energy barrier of the reaction, effectively decreasing the reaction cycles that produced electricity. In other words, the vital reaction occurring in the battery between lithium and oxygen was made easier by the heme’s transport capabilities.

Make a battery with lemon,

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