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House technology is all about making your life at home easier, but one company is capitalizing on these desired conveniences to make selling your home a snap. Coldwell Banker is making it easier to upgrade your home in preparation for putting it on the market.
Coldwell partnered with CNET to discover how smart home technology impacted the real estate market. Their results were surprising. Fully 81 percent of the people who responded to their study said they were more likely to buy a house that was already equipped with smart home technology.

The real value isn’t in the bundle price, but rather the idea that including smart technologies will not only add value to your home, but also make it easier to sell. In this housing market, having that kind of edge is invaluable for sellers.
According to Coldwell research, 35 percent of people surveyed believe that homes equipped with smart technology are inherently more move-in ready. Furthermore, 71 percent of say they are specifically looking for smart technology in their next home. If you are listing or purchasing your home through Coldwell Banker you can purchase these smart staging kits on their website.

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